the diversified family of companies

Our flagship company, Diversified Ophthalmics, Inc. was founded in Cincinnati, OH in 1977.  We are proud partners with MidSouth Premier Ophthalmics, Inc., Firestone Optics, Inc., OptiSource, TriOptics, Salt Lake Optical, Corneal Lens Laboratory, LensDynamics, Fused Kontacts, Summit Optical, and others. With offices and labs from Spokane, WA to Cincinnati, OH and from Milwaukee, WI to Houston, TX, Diversified now supplies eye care practices in all 50 states.

independents for independents

All organizations need a strong compass, or set of core values, that guide the direction of the business.  Since our inception, we have been strongly aligned with independent eye care professionals.  Among our core values is the belief that the strength of independent ECP's depends on a strong partner that stands behind them, fights for common values, and stays true to its commitments.

American owned & Operated

We are happy to stand by our neighbors and bring good to the communities that surround us. Throughout our history, we have been proud to contribute to our nation’s political, economic and social development.

Executive Team

  • Ronald F. Cooke, O.D. President & CEO Dr. Ronald F. Cooke is a 1969 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Optometry. He also holds a B.A. in chemistry from the University of Louisville, and he completed postgraduate studies in diagnostic and therapeutic ocular pharmacology through the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. Dr. Cooke practiced optometry from 1969 through 2005 as a founder and senior optometric partner in Opticare Vision Centers, a multi-location, multi-practitioner practice with offices in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.
    Dr. Cooke’s emphasis in practice was on contact lenses. He is a past president of the Cincinnati Optometric Association, the Cincinnati Optometric Center, and the Vision League of Ohio. He remains active in the Cincinnati business community and is the President and CEO and a founding member of Diversified Ophthalmics Inc., and its sister companies including Kansas City based Firestone Optics, and Memphis based MidSouth Premier Ophthalmics. Diversified’s family of ophthalmic companies span coast to coast and from Wisconsin to Texas serving eye care providers from all 50 states.
  • Dave Rusch President, Contact Lens Division Dave Rusch, now serving as Vice President of Diversified Ophthalmics, was the President of Firestone Optics, Inc. and three other subsidiary companies since 1986. Mr. Rusch earned his bachelor's degree in Food Chemistry from University of Wisconsin and holds an M.B.A. from University of Delaware. envelope

Senior Management

Karen Bingham

VP of Distribution
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VP of Sales & Marketing
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Joe Mandl

VP of Administration
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Gale Meyer

VP of Information Technology
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Debbie Munz

VP of Human Resources
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